Editing shows from ProShow Web in Producer

ProShow Web

Shows created in ProShow Web can be edited quickly and easily in ProShow Producer. Just download the show from ProShow Web and open it in Producer. It’s that easy!

One of the most powerful features of ProShow Web is the ability to download your show for further, more precise, editing. You can bring a show directly into ProShow Producer to take complete control over every aspect of your show.

To open your show in Producer you’ll create and download a PXW file from ProShow Web. A PXW is a copy of your show wrapped up into a single file. It contains everything you need to open your show in Producer. You’ll need to have ProShow Producer version 4.51 or later to open those PXW files.

Sorry Mac users, ProShow Producer is currently available for Windows only. If you’d like to edit your show in Producer, you’ll need to run Producer in Windows on your Mac.

Create and Download a PXW

  1. Go to your shows.
  2. Select the show you’d like to download
  3. Click on downloads + videos, just above the player.
  4. Locate the Edit with ProShow option near the bottom and click the create button to create the PXW download.
  5. Once the PXW is created, click the green download button to start your download.
  6. If your browse prompts you to open or save, it’s up to you – you can open the show right now, or save it to your computer.

Open the PXW in ProShow Producer

Once you’ve got your show downloaded, you can open it in ProShow in a couple of ways:

  1. Double click the PXW file. ProShow Producer should open automatically and load your show.


  1. Open ProShow Producer
  2. From the File menu, choose Import Show from ProShow Web
  3. Select the PXW file you downloaded and click Open

Things to Remember

  • Once you’ve opened your show in Producer, you can do anything you want. Change any effect, adjust any time, build your own effects and more.
  • Shows cannot be opened in ProShow Gold. Sorry, but this requires Producer.
  • You’ll need ProShow Producer version 4.51 or later.
  • You can keep that PXW file if you’d like a backup of your show.
  • This only goes one way. You can download your show from ProShow Web into Producer, but you can’t go from Producer to ProShow Web.

A full list of supported input and output formats is also available.