Creating a show using ProShow Web

ProShow Web

Using ProShow Web can be a quick, easy and rewarding experience. You just need to know where to look. Here is a brief guide to show you around and help you create your first show.

Where do I start?

Once you’ve logged into ProShow Web it’s easy to start creating a show. Simple find the New Show button located in the center of the screen to get started.

What is a theme and which one should I pick?

The first part of creating a show in ProShow Web is picking a theme. Themes are used to guide the powerful rendering engine in ProShow Web so it can create the type of show you want. There is a wide variety of themes so click on the one that suites you best then click the create show button to move to the show content page to add your photos, videos, and titles to your show.

Once you’re more comfortable with creating shows you should look at the edit theme area. This will let you see and adjust which effects are in each theme. You can also create your very own theme from scratch to accommodate for all occasions if you’d like.

How do I upload photos and videos?

From the content page you can populate your show with photos and videos from your system or from any of the supported services. Simply move your mouse over the add content button to get started. You may also want to take a look at the list of supported file formats.

To add photos or videos from your system click the add content button followed by the add photos + videos button. To add content from a third party service click the icon for that service and login.

Once you’ve selected the photos or videos you want to upload just click the Open or Import button and those items will start uploading. As they do, each will be represented by a thumbnail in the main lightbox area. From there you can drag and drop those items into whatever order you like. ProShow Web supports multi-selection for a quick and easy way to move content around in your show. Simply hold down your ‘Ctrl’ or ‘Command’ key on your keyboard and select the content you would like to organize in your show.

You can also add text to your show from this area using the Add title slide button. When you’ve added all the photos, videos and titles you want, its time to add music to your show.

Come back to the content page once you’ve seen how the whole process works. A lot more customization is waiting for you under the FX effect button!

Can I use my own music?

Yes! The next step in creating a show is adding music. You can pick from our ever growing library of tracks or upload one of your own. ProShow Web accepts MP3 audio files. To access the audio library click on the add music button, followed by add music from our library. You can browse and preview music tracks by vocal, tempo, length, category/occasion, and genre. Simply select the track and click on the add track button to add the music to your show. Almost done! A few more details and you’ll be ready to see what you’ve created.

What kind of show am I going to get?

In the show settings area you’ll get the option to adjust the name your show and set the energy level to auto or custom. Show names are displayed when you share a show with others and can be helpful for organizing the shows in your account.

Energy determines one of the most important parts of your show, the pacing. Lower energy shows progress more slowly while higher energy shows can be very quick. Don’t worry too much about what level is right for your show. You can always come back and change this later. ProShow lets you re-create any show after adjusting a setting.

More options are available under the show settings area with Plus and Premium accounts. Click the green build video button and you’re ready to see some results.

How long before I can actually see what I’ve created?

Not long. By the time you get to the watch page you’ve already spent more time setting up your show than it will typically take ProShow Web to put it all together. Click the build video button on the top right of the watch page and you can follow along as ProShow details its progress.

That’s it! You’ve created a show and you’re ready to watch the results. Just click the play icon once it appears. If you like what came out try clicking the Share button from that watch page to see how many ways there are to show off your work. If not, there’s always the remix button.