Uploading content to ProShow Web

ProShow Web

ProShow Web accepts a variety of photo, video and audio formats. You can even upload directly from Lightroom or select social networking and photo sharing services.

Most of the photo, video and audio files you already have on your computer can likely be uploaded to ProShow Web without any modification. You can also upload content from Lightroom using our free plugin.

ProShow Web accepts these file formats.

Up to 75 MB and 2 minutes long
Photos JPG, PNG
Up to 5 megapixels
Music MP3
Up to 20 MB

Each file uploaded cannot exceed 75 MB.

Do you have a Facebook account? You can upload from there too, as well as from other select sites like SmugMug and Zenfolio. Just click the add content button in the show editor to see the additional options.

What size / resolution should my photos be?

For optimal performance we recommend that your images be no larger than 2800 x 2800 and no smaller than 1024×768. Since ProShow Web outputs top-notch HD quality video, you’ll want to be sure you’re creating your shows with HD content. Not to worry, almost all of today’s cameras capture content at these resolutions and higher.

ProShow Web will automatically resize images larger than 5 megapixels prior to uploading to reduce upload times and improve performance.

Are there any limits on video uploads?

The number of videos that can be uploaded to a single show is limited by subscription level, just like photos. Each video can be up to 75 MB and no longer than 2 minutes. ProShow Web will use up to 30 seconds of each video clip, again depending on your subscription level. The portion of your video that gets used can be set under the show editor using the trim video button. A mute option also exists under the video trimmer if you want to remove the audio from the video allowing your music to play through the video without interruption.

Video use by account type:

  • 10 seconds per video clip for Free accounts
  • 20 seconds per video clip for Plus accounts
  • 30 seconds per video clip for Premium accounts

To reduce upload and processing times it is recommended that long videos be trimmed down to an appropriate length.

A full list of supported input and output formats is also available.