Archiving or copying a show to a second computer

ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer

To back up a show or copy a show to another computer, including all the content used in the show, use the Collect Show Files tool found in the Tool menu in ProShow.

Collect Show Files is a nice little utility that will take the currently loaded show in ProShow and save it (along with all it’s content) to a specific folder. You can optionally save the files to DVD or CD.Collectshow_window

How to collect your show files

  1. Open your show
  2. Click on Tools
  3. Choose Collect Show Files
  4. Look for Copy to Folder – Its on the right-hand side
  5. Select Browse
  6. Choose Desktop
  7. Make a new Folder – Name it something unique, so you know this is where you are copying your files to
  8. Click Ok
  9. Click Collect, in the middle, bottom right-hand side
  10. Wait for ProShow say it’s done collecting show files
  11. Click Use Original Show to continue working on the show after archiving your show.


  12. Click the Use Collected Show button to load from the collected or archived show.

This new folder is everything you need to open your show. You can copy this folder to another computer, back it up on a flash drive or you can burn this to  CD or DVD for save keeping.

See how this is done in this video

To copy your show to another computer:

  1. Take the folder with the collect show files and move this to a flash drive, CD/DVD or transfer the folder over the network to your other computer
  2. Drop the folder on your desktop and make sure everything is copied over
  3. In ProShow, click Open and browse to the location where you dropped the collected show files
  4. Select the <PSH> file from the folder and click Open
  5. Now ProShow will load the show into the timeline
  6. If you receive a ‘find missing files’ notice, go through the steps to locate the images in the collected show folder
  7. Save the show and continue working on the show

That’s it!