Common questions about creating shows in ProShow Web

ProShow Web

Take a quick look under the hood of ProShow Web to gain a better insight about how it creates shows and why it makes some of the decisions you may not even be aware it’s making.

ProShow Web provides a quick and simple interface to get you from the Create button to a finished show in no time. Creating your first show is easy but you may still have some questions how and why ProShow Web makes certain decisions. Many of those questions are answered here and those that aren’t can be answered 7 days a week by a ProShow Web expert.

How long does it take to create a show?

Creating a show is a two part process. First you have to setup everything you want in the show and then it has to build.

The setup process largely depends on how long you want to spend uploading content and customizing the layout of your show. The time spent in this part of the process varies widely between users so there is no good estimate.

The build process, however, uses ProShow Web’s blazing fast rendering engine and is typically done faster than real-time. A 3 minute show, for instance, will typically take less than 3 minutes to build and become ready for playback. Rendering to HD formats will take a little longer but is still typically close to real-time.

If you’re new to ProShow Web you may want to check out our walk through for creating your first show.

How many photos should I use?

You’ll get a good show with any number of photos, but you probably want more information than that. The number of photos depends on the energy level of your show. High energy shows will use more photos per minute than low energy shows. There’s not a set rule or even rough guide on what you should use. Fortunately, ProShow Web renders the previews really fast. If your show feels short, add more photos. If it feels too long, remove some.

For a complete list of formats accepted by ProShow Web go here.

How long will my show be?

There are a lot of factors that affect how long your show ends up being. It depends on the amount of content, the length of your music, the theme you choose and the energy level you apply. ProShow Web uses all those details to choose the effects that get used in your show. Since effects have different durations, each time you rebuild your show the time may be slightly different.

Here are some general guidelines

• If you have music, ProShow Web will try to match the length of your show to the music.
• If your show stops before your music ends, add more photos.
• You can encourage ProShow Web to make your show faster or slower using the custom energy slider found under your show Settings.

How fast, or slow, is my show going to be?

The pace of a show depends on a lot of things, but ProShow Web has a handy energy level slider found under your show Settings that can help you out. The energy level is used to bias the speed, or pace, of your show. A high energy show will tend to be shorter and use effects that are a little more crazy. A low energy show will tend to be longer and use effects that are more calm, or subtle, in nature. Energy is relative though – some themes will tend to be crazier or calmer than others. If you’ve made a show and it does not progress at the pace you would like, just go to the show Settings and change the energy slider, then re-build the show by selecting the green Build Video button.

Once I’ve made a show, what can I do with it?

ProShow Web provides a variety of output options. You can share a show with one of the supported sharing services, download it in one of several video formats, burn it to a DVD / Blu-ray disc, or get a version that can be edited in ProShow Producer. All of these options are available under Download + Videos found on the watch page once your show has been created.

Can I sell shows made with ProShow Web?

If you have a Premium account, yes! If you sell a slideshow, or create a slideshow as part of a service, that’s commercial use. ProShow Web videos are licensed for commercial use when created with a Premium account. If you have a Plus or Free account, you’re only licensed to use the shows for personal use – you’ll need to upgrade to a Premium account for any commercial application.

Can I edit a show once it has been created?

Yes! You can go back and edit any of your shows as often as you like. Anything you can do while initially setting up your show can be done when editing an existing show. Just access your show from the your shows button at the top of ProShow Web, click on a show then click the edit show button. For a more detailed show list, click on see all your shows.

Can I change which effects get used?

Absolutely. There are a couple different ways to change which effects get used in a show.

To apply a specific effect to a specific photo, video or title use the FX effect button located above your show content page. From your show, click on the photo, video or title that you want to apply an effect to, then select the FX effect button to select the effect and hit apply to save the change to your show.

To apply a specific effect to multiple photos, videos or titles in your show hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key on your keyboard while selecting your content and then click the FX effect button to select the effect. Once the desired effect is selected, hit apply to save the selection for the selected content in your show.

If you just want to change which effects ProShow Web automatically adds you can create or customize an existing theme by going into the show Settings. From here you can either select change theme to select a different theme or create a new theme or you can select edit theme to modify the current theme selected for your show.

If you plan to create a new theme, make sure you select change theme followed by new theme on the bottom left hand side of the change theme window to select the effects you want to include in your new theme.

To enable or disable an effect when creating a new theme or editing an existing theme, simply toggle the on/off button to the desired state and hit done to save your changes to the theme.

When you rebuild your show, ProShow Web will only choose from effects that you’ve enabled for this theme.

Can I add more effects?

Yes. ProShow Web comes with over 1500 effects built in, and there are hundreds more available through StylePacks, Transition Packs and Effect Packs. ProShow StylePacks, Transition Packs and Effect Packs are collections of effects you can purchase for use with ProShow. These packs not only work with ProShow Web but also work with our ProShow Producer desktop software as well.

If you already own any of these packs and they don’t show up when you customize a theme or when applying a specific effect through FX effect, contact us for help.