Your photos are safe on ProShow Web

ProShow Web

Photodex works to protect the content you upload and takes a serious stance on matters of copyright.

Does Photodex get rights to use my photos?

We’re not after anybody’s content. Our User Subscription Agreement does give us some rights to use your content, but those rights are specific to allowing us to perform this service. See section 3c of that document if you want to follow along. You’re giving us permission to take your photos and build a show from them. You’ll notice in the terms that you’re giving us the right to “use the Content solely for the purpose of providing the Services“.

It is not our intention or desire to use your content in any other way.

I think someone is using my content without permission?

Photodex takes copyright infringement issues very seriously. If you believe that your content has been used without your permission by someone on this site, please see our information on Copyrights.

Refer to that resource for all issues related to copyright policy and process. If you still have questions please contact the Copyright Administrator listed therein.