Getting help with ProShow Web

ProShow Web

From lost passwords to output issues, we’re here to help. A few of the more common issues we have seen are answered here and a ProShow Web expert can assist you with anything else.

If you just want to speak with someone about the problem you’ve experience we can get you in touch with a ProShow Web expert 7 days a week. Some of the more common issues we’ve seen are addressed below, however, so you might be able to get a solution even quicker.

I can’t remember my login information

Lost your login information? No problem. This is the most common issue we see with ProShow Web. Just go to ProShow Web, click on Sign In then click the Forgot your password? link below the password field. We’ll get that password reset and emailed to you right away.

If you’re still having problems logging into ProShow Web after resetting your password contact us.

My photo / video / audio files will not upload

If you’re getting an error when trying to upload content to ProShow Web please make sure you’re using a supported format that meets our size limitations. If you continue to have problems contact us for an expert solution.

I created a show but now I don’t see it

If you created a show with many photos, videos or titles you may be looking at a lengthy show. Please allow a few minutes for your video preview to render and post to your account. You can check on that preview anytime by opening the show and clicking on the green watch button located to your upper right. As soon as it’s ready that page will let you view your show. You can also get status updates from that location.

Why would some of my photos or videos not be used?

In some cases, ProShow Web might not use all your photos, videos or titles. You may notice that your show ends before some of your content is used. This happens if there’s not enough music in your show for the amount of imagery you’ve added.

When you use music in a show, ProShow Web will try to match the length of your show to the music. (If your music ends, but the show keeps going, it feels really strange.) Sometimes there’s just not enough time in the music to show all your content without creating a really bad looking show. In these cases, ProShow Web will leave out some content at the end of your show.

What can I do about this?

You can try a few different things:

  • Add more music.
  • Remove some content.
  • Use the FX Effect button to apply effects that use multiple photos. These effects show more photos at once, allowing you to fit more in your show. ProShow Web will normally use a few of these but if you apply a bunch of these manually you may be able to get everything to fit.

My video starts and stops during playback

Your web browser is downloading your video as it plays. If your browser can’t download the video fast enough it may pause playback until it catches up.

If you experience a lot of stopping and starting you might find it easier to simply pause your show and wait for a few seconds. This will give the browser a chance to download more of the video and should reduce or eliminate those stops and starts.

If the problem is very severe you should check your Internet connection to see if there are any other problems which could be affecting your ability to download. Sometimes resetting the Internet connection resolves this kind of issue.

Plus and Premium members can create a lower resolution version of their shows, at 240p. ProShow Web will pick from the video formats you’ve created to find the one best suited to your Internet connection speed. Having a lower resolution version available gives ProShow Web another option. If you find that ProShow Web chooses to show you a 240p video where other formats are available, such as the default 360p preview video, you are likely experiencing slow download speeds. You Internet provider should be able to help you determine what download speed is appropriate for your service.

I tried to build my show but it failed

This type of problem could happen for a variety of reasons and the best first step in getting it resolved is to simply try building your show again. If it fails a second time then you should contact a ProShow Web expert for assistance. Someone is available 7 days a week to help you figure out what went wrong. Be sure to include the account name and show title, or a link to the affected show, along with a detailed description of the problem you encountered in order to receive the fastest and most accurate assistance.