Audio files sound strange in ProShow

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When playing back the file in the show, there is a garbled type noise, or the audio is unintelligible resulting from a corrupted file or a slightly incompatible file.

If your audio plays back garbled or otherwise distorted, it may be corrupt or incompatible file.


  • Importing a supported audio file into Proshow appears to be normal and accepted.
  • There are no error messages when importing the audio file into program.
  • During playback, distorted audio is heard.

Is volume set to a value above 100%?

It is possible the volume is set too high for the track and this is causing ProShow to incorrectly playback the audio for your show.  To check the volume level go into the Soundtrack settings in ProShow and make both the Master volume is set to 100% and the individual track volume is set to 100%. If either of them is above 100% simply lower the volume to 100% and then try playback of the show again and see if the issue goes away.

Try Converting the File

It is likely you either have a corrupted audio file or the sample rate used to create the source for the audio is not compatible with Proshow.  In most cases, we suggest simply converting the original audio file to another type and to use the appropriate settings and sample rates.  Standard CD audio files are at a 44.1 kHz sample rate.  We suggest using a program to take the problem file and convert it to an MP3 or OGG file and choose a CD based sample rate.