Autorun CD playback jerkiness or stuttering

ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer

Most issues with playback of Autorun CD output tends to be related to system based issues. This means that there are many reasons that you may see stuttering or jerkiness in playback.

Keep in mind that the high resolution images you are using in your show and the amount of motion applied to the show plays a factor in how well your machine will be able to process the data to playback the show.  If you are using high resolution images and outputting your Autorun CD at a high resolution the playback could may not be smooth on your computer.

Minimizing Stuttering with Autorun CDs

If you have created an Autorun CD ( an EXE on a disc) and you are playing directly from the disc, you may want to consider copying the EXE file to the local hard drive first, then play the show. Some optical drives have a hard time buffering the data fast enough to keep up with the pace of the show.  To do this:

  1. Go to the drive with the disc in it through Windows Explorer (My computer)
  2. Right-click on the drive and choose ‘explore’.
  3. Now locate the ‘show.exe’ file and copy this to your local hard drive location, to a place like your desktop.
  4. Try playing the copied file directly from your local drive now.

You may also want to check anti-virus programs to ensure they are not causing a conflict or running a scan while you are trying to play your show.

Your machine’s performance can be a huge factor in smooth playback of the show as well.  Make sure you close down all programs that could be running in the background and try restarting the EXE file for playback.