ProShow’s Folders list is missing or ProShow interface looks incorrect

ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer

You may have changed your interface inadvertently or lost one of the panels in your program.  This can be easily resolved by resetting the program back to the default window layout.

To restore the default window layout in ProShow do the following:

  1. Click on Window found on the top toolbar.


  1. Choose Default Window Layout from the pull down menu or hit Ctrl+Shift+Alt+0 to reset the window layout.


  1.  This will reset the ProShow interface to the default state as if this was a fresh installation of ProShow.


Most customers use the default window layout when working in ProShow. However, if you would like to customize the interface to your liking this can be done.  See the ‘Window’ file menu for more options including showing and hiding specific aspects of the interface.