Entering the ProShow Facebook Contest

ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer

Photodex hosts a slide show contest on Facebook every couple of months for ProShow users to participate in. You can enter your slideshows and watch and vote for your favorites.

Here’s how to enter:

To enter your slideshow in the contest, visit our Facebook page and click on the ‘Slideshow Contest’ link to the left side of the page.

Once you’re on the Contest page, click the green button to ‘Enter Contest’. You’ll be prompted to fill in your information and upload your video.

Video submissions can be either uploaded from your computer or linked to from YouTube. We’ve found that YouTube is the easiest way to enter your slideshow since uploading times can be quite long when submitting through Facebook.


To link video from YouTube

  1. Open your show in ProShow
  2. Then go to the Create Output dialog and select YouTube
  3. Now enter your username and password and hit Create
  4. Your show will be rendered to video and sent to your YouTube page.
  5. Now Input your YouTube login information on Facebook and follow the instructions to submit your show
See figure to the right for assistance with submitting your show from YouTube


To upload to Facebook

  1. Open show in ProShow
  2. Then go to Create Output dialog and select Video
  3. Choose your video format type and click Create
  4. When prompted, save the video to your desktop
  5. Once video is created, you are ready to submit your show
  6. On Facebook, click the Choose File button then select your video file
  7. Now click Upload to start the uploading process
Note: Facebook supports the following video formats, AVI, MPEG, WMV and MOV
See figure to the right for assistance with submitting your show from your computer.


If you have any questions about entering the contest please contact us for additional help.