Incomplete show message appears when outputting show

ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer

The ‘Incomplete show’ message will appear if you have applied a Slide Style or Template to your show without filling in all the necessary layers that the style or template requires for that effect.

If the missing layer is not a visual distraction for you, hitting ‘Yes’ and continuing with the output will still generate a DVD, Video File, or whatever output you are trying to use.

If you have already viewed the show in preview, and found it to be to your liking, how you see it in preview will be how you seee it in output.  If you get the error message, even if your show is ‘good’, you will still have to hit ‘Yes’ to continue.  If you choose, ‘No’, you will need to edit and review your show slides to ensure it is visually the way you want it to look.


Preventing the ‘Incomplete show’ message from appearing:

  1. Click No when you receive the ‘Incomplete show’ message
  2. Now, search through your slides until you find the slide that has the empty placeholder that is triggering the message. You can do this by scrubbing through the slide timeline or in Slide options.
  3. Once the slide has been located you need to open it in slide options and go to <Layers> and then the layer settings.
  4. From here you have a couple options
    1. Remove the layer – Highlight the layer that is empty in your layers list and hit the button with the minus sign, or hit delete on your keyboard.
    2. Change the Slide style – You can apply a slide style that matches the number of layers you have available for that slide.  For example, if you have 2 layers or images you want to show on the same slide you can apply a slide that supports 2 layers, don’t use a slide style that supports more than 2 layers if you don’t plan to use more than 2 layers on the slide.
    3. Remove the entire slide – You can always remove the entire slide and start over with that slide.  To remove your slide highlight the slide in your timeline and then hit delete on your keyboard.  Now drop those images into a new slide and apply the effect you would like for those images.

Now you are ready for output!

If you followed the steps above and still have the issue, contact us and we will help you find a solution.