Supported file types for ProShow Producer

ProShow Producer

ProShow Producer supports many files types for both import and output.  For a complete list of file types that you can use with ProShow Producer, see the list of support file types below.

This list is subject to change.

Supported Output Formats

Video Disc Formats

DVD DVD video disc
Blu-ray Blu-ray video disc
AVCHD HD video on DVD video disc
VCD VCD video disc
SVCD SVCD video disc
XVCD XVCD video disc
XSVCD XSVCD video disc
CVD CVD video disc
MiniDVD MiniDVD video disc

Disc Media

CD-R Recordable CD
CD-RW Rewritable recordable CD
DVD+R Recordable DVD
DVD+R DL Recordable DVD Dual Layer
DVD+RW Rewritable recordable DVD
DVD-R Recordable DVD
DVD-R DL Recordable DVD Dual Layer
DVD-RW Rewritable recordable DVD
BD-R Recordable Blu-ray
BD-RE Rewritable recordable Blu-ray

File Formats

.AVI Windows video file
.EXE Windows executable application
.SCR Windows screen saver
.MPG MPEG 1 video file
.MPG MPEG 2 video file
.MP4 MPEG 4 video file
.WMV Windows Video
.MOV Quicktime Video
.FLV Flash Video
.ISO DVD / Blu-ray / AVCHD image file
.CUE Video CD cue/bin image
.PX Streaming web show
.3GP Video for phones

Supported Input Formats

Video and Animation Formats

.ASF Advanced Systems Format File (5)
.AVI Windows video (1)
.DIVX DivX video file (3)
.DVX DivX video file (3)
.FLV Flash Video
.GIF Animated Compuserve graphic
.M1V Movie
.M2TS MPEG 2 Transport Stream (5)
.M2V MPEG 2 Packetized Elementary Stream (5)
.MKV Matroska Video (5)
.MOV Quicktime movie (2)
.MP4 MPEG 4 movie
.MPE MPEG movie
.MPEG MPEG movie
.MPG MPEG movie
.MTS MPEG 2 Transport Stream (5)
.OGV OGG Vorbis Video (5)
.QT Quicktime movie (2)
.RM RealMedia video (5)
.RMVB RealMedia Variable Bitrate video(5)
.WMV Windows video (1)
.XVID XviD video (4)

Audio Formats

.OGG Ogg Vorbis audio
.MP3 MPEG 3 audio file
.WAV Windows sound
.WMA Windows audio file (1)
.M4A MPEG 4 audio file

Note: ProShow can support many additional formats by installing proper codecs for that format. More information.

Photo / Image Formats

.BMP Windows bitmap
.BW Sun Raster
.CAL CALS file
.CAM Casio digital camera
.CRS Cursor image
.CRW Canon RAW (Note)
.CR2 Canon RAW (Note)
.CT SciTex cat scan
.DIB Windows bitmap
.DNG Adobe Digital Negative
.FITS Nasa satallite image
.FTS Nasa satallite image
.GIF Compuserve graphic
.FS Face Saver
.HPI Hemera Photo Objects
.ICO Windows icon
.ICN Icon image
.IM1 Sun Raster
.IM8 Sun Raster
.IM24 Sun Raster
.IM32 Sun Raster
.J2K JPEG 2000
.J6I Ricoh digital camera
.JFI JFIF image
.JFF JFIF image
.JFIF JFIF image
.JMH JFIF image
.JP2 JPEG 2000
.JPC JPEG 2000
.JPE JPEG image
.JPEG JPEG image
.JPG JPEG image
.MAC Mac Paint
.MRW Minolta RAW (Note)
.NEF Nikon RAW (Note)
.ORF Olympus RAW (Note)
.PBM Portable bitmap
.PCC Z-Soft Paintbrush
.PCX Z-Soft Paintbrush
.PDD Adobe PhotoDeluxe image
.PIX Alias Pix
.PGM Portable graphics
.PMP Sony digital camera
.PNG Portable network graphics
.PNM Portable graphics
.PPM Portable graphics
.PSD Adobe Photoshop image
.PSP Jasc PaintShop Pro image
.PXR Pixar image
.RAS Sun Raster
.RAF Fuji RAW (Note)
.RGB Silicon Graphics
.RGBA Silicon Graphics
.RLE Windows bitmap
.RLE University of Utah RLE
.SBI Santa Barbara Insturments
.SBIG Santa Barbara Insturments
.SCT SciTex cat scan
.SFW Seattle FilmWorks
.SGI Silicon Graphics
.SRF Sony RAW (Note)
.STX Santa Barbara Instruments
.ST4 Santa Barbara Instruments
.ST5 Santa Barbara Instruments
.ST6 Santa Barbara Instruments
.ST7 Santa Barbara Instruments
.ST8 Santa Barbara Instruments
.SUN Sun Raster
.TAR TAR archive
.TGA TruVision ‘Targa’
.TIF Tagged image
.TIFF Tagged image
.WIN TruVision ‘Targa’
.XPM X-Windows pixmap

Other Formats

.FON Windows font
.FNT Windows font
.FOT Windows font
.TTF True type font
.TTR True type font
.OTF Open type font

About RAW Files


RAW files are a class of file formats created and used by camera manufacturers to provide their users with a high quality,unaltered digital image. RAW formats are often not well documented, and usually change with each camera model released. Generally, camera manufacturers do not document when they change their formats. ProShow Producer supports a variety of RAW formats, but since the exact spec is constantly changing, files from some cameras may not work properly.

About Video Codecs

A video codec is like a plug-in for your computer that allows your system to read more types of video. Since ProShow uses your system to read video, the types of video you can use in ProShow depend on the types of codecs you have installed. There are a wide variety of codecs available to provide support for almost any type of video format. Since codecs are published by other companies, Photodex can’t guarantee their performance or compatibility with your computer. For more information about codecs, see the Wiki page.

Notes on Specific Formats

(1) Requires DirectX 6.0 or higher. DirectX 9.0 or higher recommended.
(2) Requires Apple Quicktime
(3) Requires DivX codec
(4) Requires XviD codec
(5) Requires codec to enable support