Getting show to fit on a DVD

ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer

If you are trying to output your slide show to a DVD and it doesn’t fit.  Try cutting down on total show duration.  You can shorten your slide or transition time or remove slides to cut down on time. The idea is to make sure the show you are working with doesn’t exceed 1 hr in duration (if using DVD SP) and the file size of the DVD doesn’t exceed the 4.7 gb limitation set by the DVD media.

When we are making our show we never want to leave content out that would help support the message we are trying to get across to the viewer.  However, when using too much content you can cloud the message and run into the possibility of having a show that is too big to fit onto a DVD disc.

One way to know if you are nearing the limit, is to look at the bar under the Preview area in ProShow. This will include an option for you to check the expected size of the output for different types. Clicking on the description will cycle through the different gauges of output. Once you get to DVD, you can see roughly how much your current show is expected to be in size.


In general, here are some tips to help you keep your DVD below the maximum length and size limitations:Publish_DVD_includeEXE

  • Do not include the PC Autorun (Executable) option. This is not necessary in most cases with DVD output unless you must have a high quality version for playback on your computer.



  • Remove any menus and intro shows used.



  • Keep the DVD Type set to Standard Play (DVD SP) under the Options section. This will help you keep the relative size of your video smaller, but retain the DVD quality.