Add more than one show to output

ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer

To add multiple shows to your output first you need to select an output format that supports multiple shows like Blu-ray, DVD, EXE, Web Shows and or Autorun CD.  Then click on the ‘Shows’ tab and add your additional shows by pressing the (+) add button on the top left-hand side of the show list.

Known as Chaptering with ProShow you have the ability to include multiple shows that you have created and include them together on one disc.  These shows are then accessible from the menu included on the disc when you playback the show on your television or computer.


To add multiple shows to output…

  1. Select the publishing option of your choice (Blu-ray, DVD, EXE, Autorun CD or WebShow)
  2. Then click on the Shows tab to bring up the included shows list for this output
  3. Notice that your currently loaded show is already present in the list
  4. To add additional shows click the (+) Add button  on the top left-hand side of the shows list
  5. Browse to the location where your show(s) is saved, select the file and then click Open
  6. Now you should see the additional show that you loaded appear in the list right below the first show.

That’s it!  Now you are ready for output.

Once you have your shows loaded into the included shows list, you can move the order around if necessary by using the up and down arrows found below the Add / Remove buttons on the left-hand side of the screen.