Removing the Intro show in ProShow

ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer

To remove the intro show, select the output option you plan to use (Blu-ray, DVD, EXE), click on the ‘Shows’ tab and then uncheck the ‘Include Intro Show’ checkbox located on the bottom-right hand corner of the output options window.



The Intro Show can be used for many different purposes.  The intro show appears before the menu or playback beings. You have the option of including the stock ProShow intro show, creating your own custom intro show, or you can remove the intro show from the output all together.

The Intro Show can be used to display your company logo, advertise a product or any other personal information that you would like the viewer to see before the show begins. The intro show is just a simple slide show built in ProShow. This means you can add images, video, and audio just like any other slide show you have created in ProShow and then you can load this as your intro show.

Sometimes the intro show doesn’t fit well with your publishing needs.  If you find yourself in this situation, feel free to remove the Intro show.

Removing the Intros Show in ProShow

  1. Select the output method you plan to use (Blu-ray, DVD, EXE)
  2. Now click on the Shows tab and located the Include Intro Show section on the middle-right of the publishing options interface
  3. To remove the  intro show simply uncheck the checkbox labeled Include Intro Show.
  4. Now you are ready to publish your show. Click the Create button and let ProShow do its thing.

If you have additional questions or concerns about the Intro show, feel free to contact us for more information on this topic.