Splitting a show into multiple parts in ProShow

ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer

At the moment ProShow doesn’t have a feature or one-click solution to split a single show into multiple shows.  However, since ProShow supports the copy and paste function in Windows you can utilize this function to copy the slides in a show and paste them into a secondary show of your choice.

Splitting a show into multiple shows is possible with ProShow but requires a little bit of work on your part to make it happen.  When using the method outlined below you will only be able to split the slides from one show to the other.  Unfortunately, you cannot copy and paste the soundtrack or individual songs from one show into another show.  This must be done manually after you’ve copied your slides into the new show.


Splitting a show with ProShow

  1. Load the show you want to copy the slides from into ProShow
  2. Click on the first slide in the range of slides you want to split from the show, then hold down Shift and click on the last slide you want to include in the range of slides to copy.
  3. Then hit Ctrl+C (copy) to copy the range of slides you selected in the show
  4. Now close the show that is currently open and open a new blank show
  5. With the blank show open, click in the timeline area so ProShow knows to copy the slides in the timeline and then hit Ctrl+V (paste) to paste the copied slides into the slide timeline.
  6. Lastly you will want to import any audio tracks from the show you copied the slides from by using the normal drag and drop method that you are familiar with in ProShow.
  7. To save the changes make sure you hit Save from the top menu bar so these changes take affect.

That’s it! Now your single show is split into multiple shows and you are ready to fine tune your show(s) before output.