Installing and registering the Devices Plug-in

ProShow Devices Plug-in, ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer

There is no installation required to use the Devices Plug-in in ProShow.  To enable the Devices Plug-in, enter your device plug-in registration key into ProShow by clicking on ‘Help’ and selecting ‘Enter Registration’ from the drop down menu.

The ProShow Devices Plug-in allows you to output to specific formats that you would otherwise not be able to output to when using the ‘Output to Device’ method in ProShow.

These formats include the AAC and AMR audio formats which are required for devices such as your Ipod, Iphone, Ipad, some Sony products and other various devices. If you do not have a need to output video files that need the AAC or AMR audio formats, you do not need the Device plug-in for ProShow.


To enter the Devices Plug-in registration…

  1. Run the program normally
  2. From the <Help> menu, select <Enter Registration>
  3. In the Registration window, enter your name, phone number and registration key as it appears on your receipt.
  4. Click <Activate Registration>
  5. Finally, click <Cancel> to close the window after entering the key.

Now go into Device output and select the profile that required the plug-in and create output.


Not sure if you qualify for the Devices Plug-in?

Some ProShow users may qualify for the Devices Plug-in free of charge.  To find out of you are eligible to receive this plug-in free of charge, click here.