Creating a custom profile for device output

ProShow Devices Plug-in, ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer

Start by selecting ‘Video for Web and Devices’ from the ‘Publish’ workspace.  Click the ‘Add’ button located on the lower left of the dialog that comes up, below the list of existing profiles, and you’re well on your way to making a custom profile.


What you need to know before creating a custom profile

In order to create a custom profile for your device you will need to have the following information on hand:

  • Make and Model of your device (i.e. iPhone 4s, HTC Evo 3d, Samsung Galaxy S II, etc.)
  • Resolution supported by your device (i.e. 960×640, 960×540, 800×480, etc.)
  • Aspect Ratio supported by your device (i.e. 16:9, 4:3, etc.)
  • Video playback format supported by your device (i.e. MPEG, AVI, WMV, 3GP, etc.)
  • Video playback framerate supported by your device (i.e. 30 frames per second, etc.)
  • Video playback bitrate supported by your device (i.e. 300 kbps, 1.5Mbps, etc.)
  • Video playback audio format supported by your device (i.e. MP3, etc.)

Once you gather all necessary information, from your device manufacture’s documentation or elsewhere, you are ready to create a custom profile!

Creating a custom profile for devices

  1. Load the slide show that you would like to publish
  2. Select the Publish workspace from the main menu bar in ProShow
  3. Choose Video for Web and Devices and Computers from the available publishing formats
  4. Click the Add button near the bottom of the list of devices on the left to bring up the Custom Video Preset dialog
  5. Fill out the Group and Title by which you will identify your profile
  6. Fill out the specific Profile, Video and Audio Settings for the profile you are creating
  7. Click the Save button and you’re done!

To edit or add profiles for an existing device select the device from the Custom section of the main Create Video for Web, Devices and Computers dialog then click the Edit button.

Using a custom profile

Custom devices are listed by manufacturer under the Custom section in the device list at the left side of the main Create Video for Device dialog.  Expand the listing for the manufacturer of your device, as specified when you created the device profile(s), then select the device for which you want to create output.

At the right side of that dialog you will see Profile and Save Location lists. Select the Profile you wish to use then pick an appropriate Save Location. The default Save Location option, ‘Choose a specific location…’, allows you to pick a filename and destination as part of the creation process. You may also see one or more drive letters listed, corresponding to removable media devices connected to the system. Choosing one of those options will send your output to the specified location with an auto-generated filename.

Once you’ve selected the Profile and Save Location of your choice click the Create button and your video will be created.