Checking Upgrade Eligibility

Orders and Shipping, ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer

As a ProShow Gold or ProShow Producer user, you are eligible for one year of free upgrades from the date of your original purchase. Any update we release within that year is a free upgrade.

For updates released after your year of free upgrades has expired, you have the option to purchase an upgrade.  Pricing information is available on our website.

How to Check Your Upgrade Eligibility

There are several ways to check if you’re eligible for a free upgrade.

  1. Download a free trial of ProShow 

    If you’re not sure about your upgrade status, simply download the free trial of ProShow Gold or ProShow Producer and start the installer. ProShow will let you know if the upgrade is free before you install. If you’re eligible, the software will install as a fully registered version. If not, you can install it as a free trial to take all the new features for a spin, or cancel the installation. It’s a no-risk easy way to find out if you’re eligible right now.


  1. Check your receipt, or use our website to look up your order

    Your original receipt from us has the date your free upgrades expire. If you’ve got that receipt (maybe you’ve got it filed away in your email), just compare the upgrade expiration date listed there to the release date of the latest version.

    You can also use the Your Products page on our site to check your upgrade status. You’ll be able to see when your upgrades expire, and the website will even tell you the exact version you’re eligible for.

Here is an example of what you may see below 

(Please ignore the register dates, and free upgrade dates, this is for educational purposes only)


  1. Contact Us. We’re glad to help

    You can always contact us, and we’ll be happy to check your upgrade status.