Does ProShow work on the Mac?

ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer, ProShow Web

ProShow Web fully supports Mac OS X. ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer are Windows only programs. However, it is possible to run them on your Mac using a virtual machine.

Photodex desktop software, including ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer, are Windows only.

ProShow Web runs on many platforms including the Mac.  If you are interested in trying out this service you can Sign Up for free and test drive it now.

Running ProShow on your Mac using a virtual machine

It is possible to use ProShow on your Mac if you install a virtual machine that uses Windows.  This essentially runs Windows on your Mac.  There are a number of different ways to do this, from dual-booting (BootCamp), to running Windows in-a-window (VMWare Fusion).  In the case of VMWare Fusion, its possible to put a ProShow icon right on your Dock, and use ProShow right on your desktop without the need to see or use Windows on a regular basis.

If you need assistance installing Windows on your Mac, Click here .