Best practices for saving a show

ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer

We recommend you create a dedicated folder to save your slide shows in.  You can create this folder where ever you like, however we recommend the ‘Documents’ folder.  This folder never changes and will always be present on your hard drive, so your shows will always reside here as long as you use your computer.

ProShow can save your show wherever you would like.  However, that doesn’t mean you should.  Things to consider when saving your show:

Is the location you are saving your show on your local hard drive?

  • For best performance we recommend you save your show on your internal hard drive.  ProShow reads/writes to your show file every time you make a change and having this on an external location can hinder the performance of this process.

Is there enough hard drive space available to take output sizes into account when you are ready to output your show?

  • ProShow creates all rendered video data where your show file is saved.  So if you have a limited amount of space where you are saving your show, you could run into issues when trying to output due to the lack of space.

To save your shows in the Documents folder first you need to create a folder to dedicate to your slide show projects. Once this folder is created you can start moving or saving your new show projects in this folder by pointing ProShow to this location when saving your shows.

Creating a new folder in Windows…

  1. Navigate to the Documents folder by clicking on the ‘Start’ button from the main toolbar on your desktop and selecting ‘Documents’ or My Documents’ on the top right-hand side of your start menu.
  2. Now right-click somewhere in the Documents folder inside the Windows explorer window and select New>Folder from the pull out menu.
  3. Give the new folder a filename like ‘My ProShows’ and hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard.

Now you have a new dedicated folder to save your ProShow slide shows in.

Saving shows in new folder from ProShow…

  1. Open ProShow and load the show of your choice
  2. Now click on File and select Save As from the drop down menu
  3. When the ‘Save Show File’ window appears navigate to the Documents or My Documents folder and locate your folder you created called My ProShows and click the ‘Open’ button.
  4. Type in a filename for your show in the ‘File name:’ text field near the bottom of the Save Show File window and thenclick the Save button.

Now your show should be saved in the new location in your Documents folder.  From this point forward you will always navigate to the My ProShows folder when you want to load this show into ProShow.  If you have additional shows that you want to save in this folder, repeat the steps above to save your existing shows into the new folder.








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