New in ProShow Gold 4.0

ProShow Gold

ProShow Gold 4.0 was a major update that added support for Slide Styles, animiated GIF files, and an improved user interface.

Slide Styles

  • Apply effects to your show with just a couple clicks
  • Choose from over 50 pre-built styles
  • Create, save, and share your own effects
  • Apply pre-built slide effects to any show
  • Any slide can be made into a style
  • Minimize work by re-using your favorite slides

On-Screen Controls for Playback

  • New control bar for Web shows, EXEs, PC Autorun, Share Show
  • Auto-hiding integrated toolbar appears only when you need it
  • See the length of a show, and your current position
  • Seek to any point in the show using the seek bar
  • Control volume and mute
  • Switch between full-screen and windowed view
  • Use output options to disable the control bar for your shows

Animated GIF Support

  • Add animated GIF files to any show
  • Put all that clip-art to good use
  • Use the Video Trimmer to trim the length of animated GIFs

Improved Audio Sync Tool

  • Get greatly enhanced control over how your show syncs to audio
  • Match to the entire soundtrack length, or length of any combination of tracks
  • Modify slide times, transition times, or both
  • Limit the amount of change to transition times so they don’t get too big
  • Make all your times the same, or maintain proportions between slides
  • Time that are locked get left alone – so your complex slides aren’t fried

Updated User Interface

  • New Slide Options interface groups tabs into categories
  • Refreshed Slide List display shows icons for locked time, layers, notes, and more
  • View Timeline in seconds or minutes/seconds
  • Add, remove and manage layers from most Slide Options tabs
  • Easily access related show options from within Slide Options via links
  • Configure colors used for the interface
  • New 16:9 preview areas give you larger previews for today’s hottest output formats
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to switch Slide Option tabs and layers
  • Menu buttons for previews, layers and captions put more features at your fingertips

Names and Notes

  • Specify names for layers and slides to help you stay organized
  • Specify notes for layers, slides and shows.
  • Use notes to track your progress as you work on a show

Lock Times

  • Lock slide time to prevent changes, even during audio sync
  • Lock slide time to the length of a video layer
  • Lock slide time to the length of a slide sound

Improved Audio Control

  • Trim / Crop Audio Visually in the Timeline
  • Audio Trimmer Displays Relative Show Timing
  • Control fade in/out for audio contained in video layers

Collect Show Files Listing

  • Use the Collect Show Files dialog to save a list of content in your show

Additional Changes and Improvements

  • Added option to combine slides
  • Added option to paste contents of one slide into another
  • Added preference for default slide name
  • Added option to drop multiple files into show as layers a new slide
  • Randomize Pan, Zoom, and Rotate Motion Independantly
  • Option to Remove All Captions from a Slide
  • Automatic Check for Updates, with Preferences for Frequency
  • Preferences for Auto-Save Frequency
  • Preferences for Number of Backups to Save
  • Preferences for Text Displayed for Files in the File List
  • Preferences to enable/disable confirmations when you are closing Slide Options
  • Fixed problem with show buffering process
  • Fixed issue with stalling when opening Trim Video dialog
  • Fixed problems caused by saving over an existing Slide Style
  • Fixed playback problems affecting DVD output on some players
  • Fixed issue with YouTube not handling some tags correctly
  • Fixed rare problem affecting Open File dialogs
  • Added option to save YouTube output
    From the YouTube dialog, you can save the file to upload later

  • Enhanced warning message in YouTube dialog
  • Improved quality of video layers internally and in Presenter based output
  • Enhanced seeking process for Presenter based shows
  • Fixed problems with frame rate in some video output formats
  • Fixed problem where Show Layer Outlines did not function
  • Fixed problem where YouTube upload could fail based on manually entered details
  • Fixed problems with image orientation in some slide styles
  • Fixed warning dialog that appears when applying a slide style
  • Fixed titlebar label in Help dialog
  • Fixed problems with Sharpen values in Presenter based output
  • Fixed crash condition related to cropping animated GIFs
  • Fixed rare problem where some video output could fail
  • Fixed crash condition caused by very long captions
  • Fixed missing Half Size thumbnail option
  • Fixed problem with Replaceable Image option in Slide Options
  • Fixed problems with thumbnail updates in Slide List and Timeline
  • Fixed quality issues with video thumbnails in executable output
  • Fixed problems with the aspect ratio of Web Show menus
  • Fixed problem with scaling for rotated videos in some output formats
  • Fixed problems that could cause video output to fail on some systems
  • Fixed problem where slide lock settings could be lost
  • Improved compatiblity and stability of Device output
  • Added option to combine slides
    Right click on selected slides and choose ‘Combine Slides’ to merge them into one slide

  • Added option to paste contents of one slide into another
    Copy a slide in the Slide List, then right click on a slide and choose ‘Paste Into’

  • Added preference for default slide name
    From Preferences > Appearance, change what text is displayed in the Slide List for each slide
    when no slide name exists. Choose between standard ‘Slide #’ text, name of top layer
    (like in version 3.x), or no text

  • Added option to drop multiple files into a show as a new slide with multiple layers
    Hold CTRL+ALT when dropping files into the Slide List to add them as layers to a single new slide.
    Now you have the following drag/drop options:

    • Drag/Drop (with no keys pressed): Adds the dropped files as new slides, one file per slide
    • CTRL + Drag/Drop: Adds the dropped files as new layers in the slide you drop them on
    • CTRL+ALT + Drag/Drop: Adds a news slide where you drop, and adds the dropped files
      as layers to the new slide
  • Increased compatibility of Blu-ray output
  • Improved import process for some audio files
  • Fixed problem where YouTube output could succeed but also give error message
  • Fixed issue with some systems not showing bold text in File List for files that exist in the current show
  • Fixed problems with captions in menu layouts
  • Fixed display of Flash output with disabled playback controls
  • Fixed problem with On-Screen Controls option for Web Show output
  • Fixed upload problem affecting some Share Show accounts
  • Improved Slide Styles Interface
    • Categories are now supported for styles
    • Styles are now labeled when they support both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios
    • Filter by aspect ratio
    • Filter by number of layers
    • Style info now includes preferred timing
    • Added option during style creation to flag that the style works with any ratio
    • Added ability to edit information for Styles
  • Added an Options button to the Presenter plug-in control bar for accessing additional options
  • Added option to loop video files (or animated GIF files)
  • Improved video import process
  • Added support for custom layer and slide names in Copy Settings dialog
  • Enhanced the YouTube output process
  • Added intelligent download progress indicator to Presenter on-screen controls
  • Added new Slide Styles
    • Photo Print Edge
    • Vignette Dramatic
    • Vignette Subtle
  • Fixed problem with manually entered motion Pan values
  • Fixed problems with non-standard installation paths
  • Fixed rare Presenter based crash condition
  • Fixed problem with time displayed in Presenter control bar
  • Fixed problem with slide lock option on blank slides
  • Fixed crash condition caused by DVD output and very long file paths
  • Fixed problem where animated GIFs could lose transparency in output
  • Fixed the options menu in Motion Effects tab of Slide Options
  • Fixed crash condition related to audio importing
  • Fixed several incorrect tooltips
  • Fixed problem audio offsets could get lost after sync process
  • Fixed problems with video speed option
  • Fixed problem where some layers could flicker during show playback
  • Fixed problems with Slide Style filtering following style creation
  • Fixed problems with captions in menu layouts
  • Fixed problem that could occur when replacing certain layers with new content
  • Added support for latest YouTube high quality and HD profiles
  • Added option to the File List context menu to open selected file in an external editor
  • Fixed issue reported by a small number of users where Presenter could crash while playing certain shows
  • Fixed issue where Play/Pause menu time in Presenter plugin’s context menu wouldn’t show ‘Play’ correctly when a show begins playback
  • Fixed issue where some systems would not open the help file correctly