New in ProShow Producer 4.5

ProShow Producer

ProShow Producer 4.5 adds a new wizard for automatically creating shows, hundreds of new transitions, the ability to create your own transtions, and more.

New! Create Shows Automatically

  • Wizard effortlessly builds complete shows with photos, videos, music and effects
  • Wizard intelligently adds effects and builds a custom show with your content
  • Nearly instant preview of your show – no need to wait for rendering
  • Wizard shows can be edited in ProShow for full creative control
  • Add photos, videos, text and music
  • Control order of content, trim videos, and edit text
  • Add your own custom soundtrack
  • Pick from 20 different themes
  • Create your own themes, and edit existing themes
  • Bias the energy level to create shows that are calm, or shows that are a little crazy

New! Create Your Own Transition Effects

  • Create your own transitions from within ProShow Producer
  • Easily build transition effects, just like building slide styles
  • Transitions can be easily traded online and transferred between machines
  • Add custom icons, categories, publisher information and more

New! Over 190 New Transition Effects

  • New effects you can use in any show
  • Page curls, texture blends, gloss effects and more
  • ProShow Producer now includes over 470 transition effects
  • Add even more transitions with new Transition Packs

New! All New Transition Chooser

  • Completely redesigned interface for browsing and selecting transitions
  • Categories let you easily search similar effects
  • See the name and description of the selected effect
  • Single-click to preview, double-click to apply (or just select, and click ‘Apply’)
  • Drag the Transition Chooser to any spot on your screen
  • From the preferences, configure ProShow to open the Transition Chooser where you left it
  • Resize the Transition Chooser to control how much you see at once

New! New Interface for Creating a New Show

  • Improved New Show interface provides more options for starting a new show
  • Launch the wizard to build a show automatically
  • Create a new blank show, and specify the title and aspect ratio
  • Easily access show templates to create a new show from a template
  • Open any recently used show
  • Browse for an existing show to open
  • New Show interface opens automatically at startup (can be disabled)

New! Over 170 New Slide Styles

  • Apply these new effects to any slide
  • Focused on elegant and essential effects that work well in all shows
  • ProShow Producer now includes 250 slide styles

New! Improved Video Creation

  • Support for HD uploads to Vimeo
  • Support for YouTube shows up to 15 minutes (previously limited to 10 minutes)
  • Enhanced the overall quality of several video formats when using the Device Output feature
  • Improved quality of MPEG 4 based video output

New! Improved Slide Editing

  • Video trim values are now maintained when applying Slide Styles
  • Modifiers can now be based on a specific duration instead of always scaling with slide times
  • Set the highlight color for interactive captions

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Folders list now provides access to Windows Music and Videos folders
  • Fixed problem with audio clicks / blips at the beginning and end of audio tracks
  • Fixed rare crash condition caused by adding shows to a project
  • Fixed crash condition in output processes caused by trimmed / cropped video layers
  • Fixed problems where layers in some shows / projects could appear black
  • Fixed problems with Copy Settings dialog when accessed from Slide List
  • Fixed wording in save confirmation dialog to properly indicate if the item to be saved is a show, project, or menu
  • Fixed missing save confirmation process when opening show / project from outside ProShow and show is already open
  • Fixed quality problem affecting left channel of AAC based video output
  • Fixed problem where Windows Taskbar could cover Choose Transition dialog
  • Fixed video thumbnail option for Blu-ray menus
  • Fixed rare problem where progressive encoded video output could be interlaced
  • Fixed problem where layer Flip options could be reset when changing source files
  • Fixed problem where show tabs in projects could be too narrow
  • Fixed typo in Synchronize Show to Soundtrack dialog
  • Fixed problems with AAC audio in video output
  • Fixed problems where the Total Time field in Slide Options could fail to update
  • Fixed startup problem caused by text setting in Windows 7
  • Fixed video import failure affecting some MOV files
  • Fixed the Pause button in DVD disc rendering dialog
  • Fixed the Preview Options entry under the More Options button in the Caption Motion tab of Slide Options
  • Fixed problem where video rendering could appear to stall on some shows
  • Fixed problem where changing the source file for a video layer could incorrectly update slide time
  • Fixed label in list of caption texture scaling options
  • Fixed problem with missing right click menu for slide background image field
  • Fixed problem where current slide name could fail to appear in Rename Slide dialog
  • Fixed problem where MP4 files could fail to show in open file dialogs
  • Fixed problem with Vimeo output
  • Fixed problems with show backgrounds set to solid color
  • Fixed problem where some MP3 files could fail to import properly
  • Added option to cancel content import processes within the wizard
  • Added ability to select multiple pieces of content at once in the wizard
  • Shows created from wizard now include theme and energy values in Show Notes
  • Fixed video import problem where multiple crash reports could occur
  • Fixed problem where slide sounds could end prematurely
  • Fixed crash problem that could occur while loading a slideshow
  • Fixed problem where ProShow could appear to hang if closed while minimized
  • Fixed problem where some MP3s were being reported as invalid
  • Fixed crash caused by adding a layer placeholder
  • Fixed crash caused by having too few layers when applying a slide style
  • Fixed problem where some video layers could playback too quickly
  • Fixed problems with layer order in shows created by the wizard
  • Fixed problem where blank shows could be created with the wrong custom aspect ratio
  • Fixed problems caused by changing title of Blank Show in New Slide Show dialog
  • Fixed crash condition caused by adding a layer placeholder to a slide
  • Fixed crash condition that could occur after applying a slide style
  • Fixed problem where slides could become blank after sending a Problem Report