Photodex Amnesty Program

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Software piracy, whether intentional or accidental, is a serious issue. Photodex takes software piracy very seriously, and offers an amnesty program to help get users legally licensed.

Software Piracy is Illegal

Using software without a proper license is theft. Even when the unlicensed use is accidental, it is still a serious issue. Using unlicensed software can open you and your company to serious legal issues. The only way to avoid these issues is to properly license your software.

While some people knowingly use pirated software, sometimes unlicensed use isn’t intentional. Often there are simply misunderstandings about what constitutes illegal use. Sometimes the installation was performed by a third party. Even in these cases, however, you are still responsible for the software you use on your computer.

Examples of unlicensed, illegal or improper use:

  • Using a registration key that was issued to someone else.
  • Using a registration key you found on the internet.
  • Using any kind of software patch, add-on, hack, or key generator that alters how ProShow works.
  • Installing the software on more computers than is allowed by your license.
  • Using a copy of the software purchased from an unlicensed vendor, including eBay. (ProShow is not sold through third parties, and cannot be resold. If you purchased it from anyone other than Photodex, it is likely not legal.)

Getting Legal is Quick and Easy

Fortunately, getting legal with your ProShow license is quick and easy. Just purchase a valid license for the current version from Photodex. Once your order is processed, print a copy of your receipt and keep it in a safe place. Once you are properly licensed and no longer using the software illegally, you won’t be risking further action.

If You Believe You Are Using the Software Legally

If you’re seeing notices about illegal use while using ProShow and you believe that you are properly licensed, please contact us. Give us a call, and we’ll help to get everything straightened out. Be sure to have your registration information handy.