ProShow reports it is low on memory and must close

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Like any application, ProShow only has access to a limited amount of resources on your computer. If ProShow needs to use more memory than it has available, you may receive a notice about being low on memory.

If you receive a message stating that ProShow is low on memory and must close, ProShow has reached a point where it cannot continue operating. After ProShow notifies you about the problem, ProShow will automatically shut down.

What’s Going On?

Under Windows, applications like ProShow are only allowed to use a certain amount of memory. It’s not a restriction specific to ProShow – it’s a general restriction on all applications. However, it’s likely that you don’t have many other applications like ProShow – applications that need to load a ton of images at once to create and play an HD slideshow in real time.

When you work on a slide, ProShow has to load various parts of your content into your computer’s memory. As shows have gotten increasingly complex and photos get higher resolution, it becomes more likely that you’ll run into limited memory issues.

Things You Can Try

In many cases, there is a way to reduce how much memory is needed. Try the methods described below, and see if you’re able to avoid the memory issue.

Make sure your computer has enough memory.

If your computer has less than 4GB of RAM (memory), it may be time for an upgrade. These days, 4GB of memory is considered the bare minimum. If your computer has less than that, most of your applications are going to be running on limited memory. Especially if you’re running Windows Vista or Windows 7, you’ll probably see general improvement in your entire computer just by upgrading the memory.

Look for complicated slides.

Check your show and see if you’ve got complicated slides. Specifically, look for slides or transition effects that use tons of layers. Try removing the worst offenders from your show. While ProShow can handle any number of layers, the memory restrictions Windows places on might mean that your computer can’t handle every situation. Try replacing these complicated slides with a simpler effect.

Try turning off GPU acceleration.

ProShow 5 introduces GPU acceleration, which provides smoother, higher resolution playback by offloading some of the work to your video card. This higher resolution comes with more memory usage. Since ProShow 5 tries to play your show with higher quality, every image you drop into ProShow is used at a higher size. In many cases, it may be 4-5 times bigger than what ProShow 4 would have used.

If you’ve got GPU acceleration turned on, ProShow 5 is using more memory than ProShow 4 would have because it’s necessary to provide you with the higher quality.

Turn off GPU acceleration in the Preferences to switch back to the way ProShow 4 rendered your show. You might see a drop in playback quality (it will match what you’re used to from ProShow 4), but it also might reduce the memory needs enough to get you through.

To turn off GPU acceleration:

  1. From the Edit menu in ProShow 5, choose Preferences.Preferences_GPU_disable
  2. Select the Playback category on the left of the Preferences window.
  3. Uncheck Automatically configure GPU acceleration….
  4. Uncheck Enable GPU accelerated playback.
  5. Uncheck Enable GPU accelerated previews.
  6. Click Done, and restart ProShow.