Embed a video slideshow from ProShow Web

ProShow Web

ProShow Web makes it really easy to embed your videos on websites and blogs. Simply build your ProShow Web video slideshow, click on Share and then <embed video> to grab the embed code and paste the code on your blog or website of your choice, It’s really that simple.

What is video embedding?

Video embedding is a popular way of physically inserting a video clip from a video hosting services so that it will play on the website or blog of your choice without having to worry about hosting the video or redirecting your viewer to a different page.  In return you maintain the user experience and focus on your video instead of the distraction that website redirecting can create for the viewer.

Here is an example of what embed code looks like provided by ProShow Web:

<iframe title=”Italy Vacation” width=640 height=360 frameborder=0 src=http://web.photodex.com/embed/68kx828></iframe>

Here is how the video appears when using the above embed code on a website or blog:

As you can see, it’s easy to embed video on your blog or website.

So now that you know what video embedding is, let’s jump right into the steps to embed from ProShow Web!

ProShow Web

  1. Go to your shows and select the show you would like to embed from ProShow Web.
  2. Click on the Share button followed by the <embed video> button.
  3. Now copy the code that appeared after clicking <embed video> and paste this code to your blog or webpage of your choice.

That’s it! Now your viewers can easily watch videos you have created with ProShow Web directly on your website or blog.