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Answers to your most frequently asked questions about the ProShow Web app available for Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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What sets the ProShow Web app apart from other Photodex slideshow products?

The ProShow Web app allows you to create and watch slideshows on the go with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Since all the heavy lifting is done on our dedicated servers, your shows render quickly, even when creating several videos at once.  You can also access your slideshows across all your iOS devices at any time.

On what devices can I use the ProShow Web app?

ProShow Web lets you access, view and edit shows from any device. Any device running iOS 7 or later can run the app. If it shows up in the App Store from your device, you can use it. For a full list of iOS-7-compatible devices, click here. For other devices and computers, just go to the ProShow Web website in a web browser to use our online service.

Are there plans for an Android version?

We’d love to do an Android version, however the wide variety of Android devices and operating systems made it impractical to develop for Android with the initial release. If our iOS app is successful, we’ll likely add support for Android at some point in the future. Click here to sign up for updates regarding an Android version of the app.

How much does the app cost?

The ProShow Web app is free. You can purchase ProShow Web subscriptions to unlock additional functionality both in the app and on the ProShow Web website.

Do I need to sign up for an account?

Yes. We create and store your slideshows in the cloud so you can access them from any device or computer. Creating an account is a necessary part of this process.

Where is my account confirmation email?

When you create your ProShow Web account, we email you a link to confirm your account. If you haven’t received it, use the button in the app for Resend Confirmation to have another copy sent. Still not seeing it? Check your spam folder! Still no luck? Be sure that you signed up with the right email address, and try signing up again.

What are the differences between Free, Plus, and Premium accounts?

A comparison chart can be found here.

I’m already a ProShow Web subscriber. Can I use the app?

Current ProShow Web subscribers can log in and use the app for free. The app integrates with Photodex’s ProShow Web online video creation service allowing new and current users to create slideshows from any browser or directly through the app itself. All content is created, shared, and stored seamlessly in the cloud.

How do I save my slideshow to my camera roll?

Tap the Save icon at the bottom of the watch screen then choose the type of video you’d like to create and tap the blue Create button. Once the video has been created, you’ll see a green Save button. Press the green Save button to save your show to your camera roll. For more details regarding this topic, click here.

How many slideshows can I create?

You can create as many shows as you’d like, regardless of your subscription level.

Do I need an internet connection to use the ProShow Web app?

An internet connection is required to use the app, as all slideshows are created in the cloud.

Can I use the app on a 3G/4G network?

The app will run on your cellular data network, but we highly recommend using the app on a high speed Wi-Fi connection. Using a cellular network can cause uploads and downloads to be much slower. Additionally, you may very quickly exceed data usage limits on your cellular plan and incur extra charges.

Can I watch my slideshows on my television?

Yes, there are several ways to do this, including the following:

  • If you have an Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation), you can use Airplay to stream video content straight from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your TV. Just click the Airplay icon during playback and choose where you want to stream the video. For more information click here.
  • You can use the Apple Composite AV Cable or the Apple Digital AV Adapter to directly connect to your television for playback. Check product descriptions for device compatibility.

My images already exist on Facebook, Flickr, SmugMug, Instagram, or 500px. Do I need to re-upload my images to ProShow Web?

You’re in luck! ProShow Web allows you to import your photos from all of these services right from the app. Just tap the add button in the edit show screen, select Photos & Videos, then choose the appropriate image hosting service. You can even import photos from your other ProShow Web shows!

How do I log out of or change my login credentials for 3rd party import / export services (Facebook, YouTube, etc)?

On the most screens, tap the menu button in the upper left and open the About screen, then tap Services at the bottom. On this screen you can log out of any service. You can login again through the Add Photos or Share screens.

What is custom branding and how do I set it up?

Custom branding is a Premium account feature that changes the page you link to when sharing your show with others, removing all ProShow Web branding.  The option can be toggled from the settings screen in the app, accessed from the gear icon in the Edit Show screen. Further customization options for that page are available from the ProShow Web website under Member Settings.

How do I remove the ProShow Web logo from the bottom right corner of my video and from the end of the show?

Upgrade to a Plus account to remove the ProShow Web watermark at the bottom right corner of your videos.  Upgrade to a Premium account to remove the ProShow Web outro from your videos, giving you totally unbranded / white-label slideshows and full 1080p HD video output.

How do I delete shows?

To delete a show in your shows list, tap & hold the show to enter delete mode. Tap the red delete show button to remove your show, then tap the done removing option at the bottom of the screen when you’re finished.

Why can’t I hear audio from the app?

Check the volume level on your device to be sure it’s not set too low. If there is still no audio when playing shows, or previewing music tracks, then your device may be muted. Look to the Side Switch, located next to the volume rocker, and toggle it if you see orange. This should unmute your device and return audio to the app.

Why does ProShow Web stall or hang?

If ProShow Web has a problem communicating with our servers, it may seem to stall while it waits for the connection. Be sure you are connected to the internet either through Wi-Fi or your cellular network, and that the connection is working properly at a decent speed. Try restarting the app.

Why does adding photos take so long?

If adding photos is taking a long time, your internet connection is slow. ProShow Web uploads your show content to our online service (it’s a cloud-based app), and it uploads your photos at a decent resolution (so your show looks good). If your internet connection is slow, uploading can take a while, especially if you add several photos at once. This can be really noticeable over 3G connections. Try connecting to Wi-Fi. (Also, remember that having full bars on your signal strength doesn’t indicate a fast connection – just a strong signal! To test your speed, check out an app like