Video not showing up on YouTube after uploading

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Slideshows uploaded to YouTube may not appear right away. A small delay is normal but you can always check the Video Manager from your YouTube account to be sure there are no complications or conflicts.

If you’ve uploaded a slideshow to YouTube and it’s not showing up, here are some possible reasons:

  1. ProShow has not finished rendering or uploading the show to YouTube. While this is probably obvious in ProShow Gold or Producer,  you may want to double check the status if uploading from ProShow Web.
  2. YouTube has not finished processing your video yet. You can check this by logging into YouTube in a web browser and going to the Video Manager section of your account.  Look under the Uploads section.
  3. YouTube has determined that another copy of that video already exists in your account. YouTube rejects duplicate videos, so secondary uploads of the same show will not be viewable. This can also be verified from the Video Manager.
  4. YouTube has determined that copyrighted music exists in your show and has made this an ad-supported video. Though your video will still be viewable on a computer, it may not be viewable on an iPhone / iPad / iPod. If you suspect this may be the case, go to your Video Manager from the YouTube website and click the Edit button next to your video.  In the Advanced Settings area you’ll see a Syndication heading that details where playback of that video is allowed.
  5. YouTube has determined that copyrighted music exists in your show and has removed it from your account. You will likely receive a notification email from YouTube in this situation.