Purchasing ProShow Web subscriptions from the iOS App

ProShow Web iOS App

ProShow Web subscriptions can be purchased in-app, where they are processed through the Apple App Store. Additional purchasing options are also available directly through Photodex.

If you’re looking to purchase a Plus or Premium subscription to ProShow Web you can do so right from the app. These in-app purchases are available as monthly subscriptions only and do not auto-renew, although the app will prompt for renewal when the current subscription expires. Additional subscription options, including yearly subscriptions, can be found on the ProShow Web website.

Credits and Refunds

Since in-app purchases are processed by Apple through their App Store, Photodex is unable to credit or refund these transactions.  Please contact Apple if you have any questions about in-app purchases.

Renewing Subscriptions

If you’d like a subscription that automatically renews, or for yearly subscriptions, purchase directly through Photodex either by phone or online.  Note that we cannot credit purchases from the Apple App Store, so you may have overlapping subscriptions until any pre-existing subscription expires.

Subscriptions and Multiple Devices

ProShow Web subscriptions purchased in-app are tied to your ProShow Web account.  The same is true of purchases made directly through Photodex. Log into your ProShow Web account on any iOS device, or the ProShow Web website, and you’ll have full access to all the features of your current subscription level.