Using Intro Shows in ProShow

ProShow, ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer

When creating Disc or Executable output in ProShow Gold and Producer, you have the option to include an Intro Show. An Intro Show is a quick video that plays before your show starts. Learn how they work in this video.


Tips for Using Intro Shows

  • Into Shows always appear first. When you add an Intro Show, your audience will always see the intro show before anything else, including all shows and menus you add when creating Disc and Executable output.
  • Keep your intro shows short. While you can use longer shows, intro shows tend to work best when they are about 3-6 seconds long, which usually translates into shows that are made using just 1-3 slides.
  • An Intro Show can be as simple as your logo slowly zooming into the forefront of a slide. You can include your website URL and any additional information you’d like.
  • Intro shows are great for advertising and branding. Since the intro show plays before all of your other content, your audience will instantly know whose work they are looking at. Your company name and logo will be top-of-mind.
  • Are you creating a slideshow to publish online or on a device and want to include an intro show? In ProShow, create a short 3-6 second intro show, render it to a video clip and save it to your computer. Drop that video in before the first slide in any future show. This will act like an intro show for any output you select and works with ProShow GoldProducer and ProShow Web.