StylePack installed, but some styles are missing

ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer, ProShow StylePacks

After the installation of a StylePack, some styles are not present in the styles list. ProShow has the ability to sort styles based on certain criteria. Its possible the style you are looking for does not meet this criteria. 

Sometimes a filter is turned on that is preventing a style from appearing in the master list. To resolve this you need to adjust each filter so all filters are set to show ‘All’.

Removing Style Filters

  1. Double click a slide to bring up the slide options window
  2. Select Slide Style found under  Slide Options on the top-left
  3. Make sure All Categories is selected on the left
  4. Set the Aspect Ratio, Time, Layers and Captions filters to All.
  5. Now check the Styles list for your missing styles