ProShow Web Compatibility in Internet Explorer 8

ProShow Web

ProShow Web works in Internet Explorer 8, but may not provide the best user experience. This browser is old, by internet standards, and does not benefit from the latest browser technology.  Where possible, we recommend upgrading to Internet Explorer 9 or 10 to get a better user experience.  Other browsers, like Firefox and Google Chrome, are also excellent alternatives.

The internet moves quickly and Internet Explorer 8 is just not up to speed with the latest technology. It has already seen two version replacements, both of which have much more advanced feature sets. These added features allow modern websites, like ProShow Web, to run more smoothly and provide a better overall experience. While sites like these can be used in Internet Explorer 8, there are far better options available in most cases. Using a modern web browser can alleviate sluggish performance and other undesired behavior.

If you have the ability to upgrade Internet Explorer to version 9 or 10, that is a great option. You’ll also receive a richer ProShow Web experience by using the Firefox or Google Chrome browsers, both of which can be installed for free! Technology is always changing and it’s important to remain up to speed in order to make sure everything works well.  Modern browsers take advantage of things like HTML5 and other advancements that can really improve how pages appear and function.

Here are some links to these modern browsers:


Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility Dialog