Uploading Videos to ProShow Web from Safari

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When uploading videos to ProShow Web from Safari, it is possible to upload an incompatible video if you select the file from the Media section in the browse window.

Safari for Mac can integrate with iPhoto, giving you access to your photo library from a special Media section in the file selection window. This makes it convenient for selecting files, but can cause problems when uploading video. When you select a video this way, the file that gets uploaded to ProShow Web is not the complete video – it is a special, incomplete file used by iPhoto. This type of video does not work with ProShow Web.


When you upload a video from the Media section, you will get an error in ProShow Web that the upload is “not a complete video”. The video will not be imported into your show. You probably noticed that the video upload went really fast compared to normal uploads. That was because Safari was not uploading the complete video.



Upload your video by selecting the file directly, instead of using the Media entry in the file browse window.

To do this, you may need to export a copy of the video using iPhoto:


  1. Open iPhoto and select the video to upload.
  2. From the main File menu, select Export.
  3. In the export window, for Kind under the File Export tab, select Original.
  4. Click Export and pick a location on your computer that you can easily find (such as Documents).
  5. In ProShow Web, use the Add Content option and select the video you just saved.