DVDs look fuzzy on HDTV

ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer

The DVD format is not a high definition format, with a resolution limited to 720×480 (NTSC), 720×576 (PAL) pixels, anything outputted to this format is going to be of lower quality than the resolution of the original content used to create the show.

Displaying a DVD on any display that has a pixel resolution higher than 720×480 will show some signs of softness or blurring when watching the show.

Here is a comparison chart to give you some perspective on where the resolution of the DVD ranks in comparision to still images in Megapixels.  As you can see the DVD format is not even 1 megapixel, (0.3 Megapixels), where as Blu-ray clocks in at exactly 2 Megapixels.

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So what options do you have if DVD is not a satisfactory output?

One of the greatest things about ProShow is the endless number of output options that you have available.  If one output option doesn’t suit your needs, you move on to one that does.

Output to Blu-Ray

Blu-ray is high definition and your best option for quality.  You can also burn your show directly to Blu-ray from ProShow, just like DVD! You will need a Blu-ray burner to output to this format and the person viewing the Blu-ray disc will need a Blu-ray player.

Output to HD Video File

The Video File output option is extremely powerful.  This output option supports many different output formats for video including high definition MPEG2 video files.  ProShow outputs the video file to your hard drive and you can do whatever you would like with it at that point.  Share it online, burn it to a disc or even transfer it to a USB flash drive to plug into your HDTV.