Using Text Layers in ProShow Producer

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One of the cool new features found in ProShow Producer 6 is the ability to convert your caption to a text layer. With text layers you now inherit all the benefits that come along with layers including layer masking, layer order, and layer motion allowing complete control of your captions in a whole new way.

Text layers will compliment your image and video layers by becoming part of the layer group. Converting your caption to a Text layer moves your caption into the layers group without losing any properties that come along with the caption including caption font, size, and color.

Let’s take a look at a couple examples of how Text layers could improve how you use captions in your shows:


  • Use a Text Layer as a masking layer. Nest layers inside your Text Layer to create a unique look for your caption
  • Use a Text Layer as an adjustment layer. Similar to a masking layer, you can nest supporting layers to create a specific look for your caption
  • Text layers include all the properties of a caption including the ability to change the font, size, and other attributes without having to add a new caption
  • Control the order of your caption in the Layers list using Text Layers. With Text Layers, now you have the power to stack your caption on top or below specific layers

Note: Not all settings of a caption will transfer when converting to a text layer. Caption Interactivity and Caption Setup options will no longer apply when your caption is converted. If you plan to use either of these features, its best to stick with a traditional caption.

There are two ways to add a Text Layer in ProShow Producer 6. You can either convert an existing caption to a Text Layer or create a brand new Text Layer from scratch. We will show you how to accomplish both methods below.

 Converting a caption into a text layer

  1. Double-click the slide containing the caption you want to turn into a Text layer
  2. With a caption selected in the Captions List, right-click on the caption and select Convert to layer from the right-click menu
  3. Now you will notice a new layer under the Layers list in the Slide Options containing your caption, note that it is labeled as a Text Layer


Adding a Text Layer from scratch

add text layer_scratch

  1. Double-click the slide you want to add a Text Layer to in your show
  2. In the Layers list, click the Add (+) icon and select Add Text Layer from the sub-menu
  3. Type your desired text into the Add Text Layer window, and click Ok.
  4. Now you will notice a new layer under the Layers list, this layer should be labeled as a Text Layer