Using Volume Control Points in ProShow

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Volume control points give you the added flexibility you need to control the behavior of your soundtrack in your shows. With Volume control points, you can independently control the volume, fade in, and fade out of your soundtrack any way you choose.

Volume control points let you control the soundtrack volume levels during specific parts of your show (e.g. during video clips, voiceovers, dramatic scenes, etc.).

Applying a volume control point to your soundtrack overrides the global settings for your volume, fade in and fade out in your show by stacking the control point on top of the waveform in the timeline.

Let’s take a look at a couple examples of how Volume control points improve how you control your soundtrack in your shows:volume control points

  • Control the volume of your soundtrack during videos independently. Now you have the power to add independent volume points for every video in your show
  • Control the volume of your soundtrack during slide sounds independently. Similar to videos, you can add a custom volume point for every slide sound in your show
  • Volume points can be added anywhere on your soundtrack, even between a transition. Volume points are not tied to slides, they are free-form and can be easily adjusted when changes are needed.

How to add a Volume Control Pointadd volume point

  1. In the Timeline View, select a track for editing.
  2. Locate where you’d like to add a new point and right-click on the track
  3. From the right-click menu that appears, select Add Volume Point or press the ALT key on your keyboard as you left-click on the waveform to add your volume point.


Once added, click and drag the Volume Point left or right to adjust where the volume change will occur. As you move the point, a tool tip will appear that shows you the exact time and volume for each control point.

track volume point

Volume Control Point Tips

Using Volume Control Points to create custom volume changes can really add a creative and polished feel to your soundtrack. However, this is a tool that takes a little effort.

When adding Volume control points to your soundtrack in your show, consider the following helpful tips:play head marker

  • Expand the Timeline View: Expanding the Timeline View (Press Tab key to toggle this mode) gives you more surface area to make incremental adjustments easier.
  • Use play head marker: The play head just above the Slide List is connect to a marker that is displayed in the Soundtrack. You can use this marker to help you visually identify where to add new Volume Control Points.
  • Add Volume Control Points Last: As part of your show creation workflow, be sure you’re 100% happy with how your show looks visually before adding any custom volume changes. Adding/removing slides, or change a transition or slide time can have a negative impact on any custom volume controls that you apply to the soundtrack in your show.

Check out the video tutorial below for a general walk through on Volume Control Points using ProShow Gold 6: