ProShow can’t find DVD or Blu-ray drive

ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer

Your drive is either not supported in ProShow, you are running an older burn library and need to update to the latest version of the burn library in ProShow or you have other burning programs installed that are preventing ProShow from seeing your drive.

We do a pretty good job keeping our burning support updated for most drives and watch closely for changes that may occur with manufactures, however there are times when the issue you are having may be outside of our control.

For example, if you have Roxio installed and it is running in the background on your computer it may have a lock on the drive preventing any other program from taking control.

Here are some things you can try when you come across this issue in ProShow:Menubar_Help_updateburnlibrary

  1. Check for burn library updates by clicking on Help in ProShow and selecting Upgrade DVD/Blu-ray/CD Support
  2. Remove other burning programs from your computer that could potentially conflict with ProShow’s burning process
    1. Uninstall ProShow from your computer (use the Control Panel in Windows, be sure to uninstall all the copies you have on your computer).
    2. Uninstall other burning programs (Roxio, Nero, Sonic, etc).
    3. Restart your computer.
    4. Disable your anti-virus software (it may interfere with ProShow installing correctly).
    5. Install ProShow
    6. Re-enable your anti-virus software
    7. Reboot
    8. Try burning a disc again

If you still experience issues with this, please submit a Contact Us form and we will attempt to further diagnose the issue for you.