No audio when playing show in Windows Vista or Windows 7/8

Presenter Plug-in, ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer

If you do not hear audio when previewing a show in ProShow or when viewing an online show the most likely cause for this is the Presenter player is muted in the volume mixer.  Windows Vista and Windows 7/ 8 have a new volume mixer that allows you to mute specific applications and the Presenter is most likely muted.

To correct this from happening you need to go into the volume mixer in Windows and unmute ‘Photodex Presenter’ in the list applications listed in the mixer.

  1. In order unmute the Photodex Presenter you need to make sure you have recently played something so Presenter is an active program running.  To do this open up ProShow and hit play as if you are going to watch the show.
  2. Now open up the Windows volume mixer by left-clicking on the ‘volume’ icon on the right-hand side of the taskbar.  Then select ‘Mixer’.
  3. After the mixer opens locate ‘Photodex Presenter’ in the list of applications in the mixer and uncheck the ‘mute’ button directly under the volume slider.
  4. Now attempt to playback your show and see if the audio is present when playing the show.

Here is a screen shot of the volume mixer to use as a reference.