Adding Text + Photo combos using the Wizard in ProShow 6

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If you love making quick slideshows with ProShow’s wizard, then you’ll love the addition of text and photo combos in ProShow. The wizard will automatically stylize any text you add to a photo or video and add it to your show.

The Wizard now supports text on photos. Add a caption to any photo or video and the Wizard will automatically select the appropriate style or effect for your text + photo combo in your show.
Adding text to a photo in the Wizard

  1. In Step one of the wizard, select the photo or video you want to add a caption to in your list of available content
  2. On the left, click the Caption button to bring up the text box
  3. Type in your caption for your photo or video and click Ok
  4. You will now see the caption you added positioned directly below your photo or video


That’s it! When the Wizard finishes your slide show preview, you’ll see your caption is automatically applied to your show, complete with a refined design and animation.

As with anything in ProShow, you can manually tweak settings to make adjustments to any part of your show to make it uniquely yours.

Check out the video tutorial below for a quick walk through on adding captions to your photo + videos slide shows using ProShow’s Wizard