Procurement Ordering Procedure

Orders and Shipping

We recognize that some Government, Business and Non-profit organizations require a procurement service to purchase software programs. For those that require procurement of software through another party, we’ve outlined the ordering procedure below.

All Photodex orders must be processed under the end user’s information when placing an order through a procurement service. We require the end user’s information so we can create customer records, generate registration keys and provide support for the end user should they have questions regarding our software products and/or need technical support.

Preparing Order

When procuring software on behalf of an end user the purchaser must provide the following information when submitting the order to us.

  • End user contact information on Photodex Order form – Select product(s) to be purchased and enter end user’s information on this form along with the purchaser’s payment details
  • Purchaser contact information on a secondary sheet – Include company name, phone, email, and physical address

Sending Order to Photodex

All procurement orders must be submitted via fax.  Please be sure to include company, end user information and the Photodex Order form when faxing this order.

Domestic: 512-452-6825

*Faxing from another country? Click here.

Processing Order and Sending Receipts

Please note that your order will not be processed until all the information is verified to be correct and accurate. Once all information is verified we will process the order and send notifications via email to both the end user and purchaser on file.

All orders completed will have registration key(s) and product(s) delivered directly to the end user. Invoices will be sent directly to the the procurement purchaser via email.

If you require more than one license for an end user, please reference our information for volume licensing here.