Creating a Semi-transparent Text Layer Effect in Producer

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In this article we will show you how to add a Text layer as a mask and make it semi-transparent so the outer area of the text layer reveals the image that sits below the Text layer. 

In a recent blog post on we showed you how to setup a Text layer as a mask to reveal the image layer below for a cool look with the text on your slide. In the demo video provided on this article we showed you other creative ways that you could use Text layers as masks in Producer. One specific request we get is how to create the semi-transparent look with the Text layer as shown at the 0:47 second mark in the video shown below.

In this video, we have a Text layer set up as a mask that is semi-transparent which allows the image below to bleed through the outer areas of the Text Layer which creates a cool dynamic between the area inside and outside of the text on your slide.


Let’s take a look at how this effect is created using Text layers + Masks in Producer

Note: Must be using ProShow Producer 6 or later.  Click here to check upgrade eligibility.

Type of Layers needed for this effect

(1) Text layer (This will be the mask layer)
(2) Image layer (Use same image)
(1) Solid color layer (Color: white; Used to lighten the effect. For darker effect remove layer)

Adding Layers + Slide Setup

  1. Start by creating a new slide containing any photo or video clip you want for this effect.
  2. Set the slide time to 6.0 seconds and 3.0 seconds for your transition time.
  3. Double-click to open the Slide Options (KB shortcut: Ctrl+L) for this slide.
  4. Set the photo/video layer to Fill Frame to make the image completely fill the screen (Layer Settings > Scaling > Fill Frame) or ( Use KB Shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + 1)
  5. Click the (+) button in the left-hand column under Layers and add the following layers to your slideSemi-transparent effect_layerslist
    1. Add Text Layer – Type the word ‘love’ (use any font, size, color, etc.)
    2. Add Solid Color Layer – Set color to white
  6. Place layers in the following order:
    1. Text layer
    2. Image layer
    3. Solid Color layer
  7. We will add the final layer for this effect after we setup motion and masking in the section below.

Adding Motion + Setup Mask

  1. Add motion to the Text layer so it pans from left to right across the slide + enable Text layer as a Mask
    1. Select Layer 1 in the Layers column on the left and then select the Effects tab located at the top
    1. Select KF 1 and drag the Text layer to the left so the last letter of the word ‘love’ is on the far left of the preview.Semi-transparent effect_pan values
    2. Click on Pan – Smooth under ‘Motion & Audio’ and change this to Pan – Linear. Make note of the value shown for the Y – pan on KF 1, we will add this value to KF 2 in the next step.
    3. Now select KF 2 and drag the Text layer to the right so the first letter of the word ‘love’ is on the far right of the preview.
    4. Make sure the Y – pan value for KF 2 matches what is shown for KF 1. We want these values to match so the text will pan across the slide without moving up or down during the process.
    5. The last thing we need to do is make the Text layer a Mask. To do this, right-click on the Text layer in the Layers column and select Use as Masking Layer from the right-click menu.
  2. Add motion to the Image Layer so it pans from right to left across the slide
    1. Select Layer 2 in the Layers column on the left and then select the Effects located at the top
    2. Select KF 1 and set the zoom to 170% and drag the image slightly to the right.
    3. Now Select KF 2 and set the zoom to 170% and drag the image slightly to the left
  3. Duplicate the Image Layer and make sure the duplicate is set as Layer 3 and nested outside of the mask.
    1. To duplicate the image layer, right-click the layer and select ‘Duplicate layer from the right-click menu.
    2. When you duplicate the layer it will appear directly below layer 2 and will be inside the mask as Layer 3.
    3. To move this layer outside of the mask, right-click the layer and select Move > Out of Mask
  4. Make sure the Solid Color layer is set as Layer 4 and move on to the next section.

Setting Opacity + Preview Effect

  1. The final and most important step to creating the semi-transparent text layer effect is the Opacity.Semi-transparent effect_opacity value
    1. Select Layer 3 in the Layers column on the left followed by the Adjustments tab located at the top.
    2. Under Adjustments locate the Opacity option and set this to 30%.
    3. You should now see the letter ‘e’ appear on the top-left hand side of your image in the preview after adjusting the opacity of Layer 3.
  2. Preview your work and see how the effect looks on the slide.
  3. Compare your effect to the still image below, does it look similar? If not, download the free style included in this article so you can see how this effect is created.
  4. Click here to download this free effect for Producer 6 and later. Need help installing this effect, click here.

Text layer Mask - Light-Dark