ProShow Remote app: “ProShow Not Found” message when ProShow is running inside VMware Fusion for Mac

ProShow, ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer, ProShow Remote iOS App

When using VMware Fusion for Mac to run ProShow Gold or ProShow Producer inside a Windows virtual machine, the ProShow Remote app can fail to find any copies of ProShow running on the local network. The following message is typically seen on the ProShow Remote app:


This occurs because the network is shared between the Mac and Windows in a default state.  To rectify this situation, follow these steps:

1) While VMware Fusion is running, go to the Virtual Machine menu at the top of the screen and choose Network Adapter > Bridged (Autodetect)


2) After making this change, Windows may ask you to confirm the change to your network. Choose the appropriate network location.


3) Restart Windows by going to the Virtual Machine menu and choosing “Restart”.

4) When Windows has restarted, open ProShow and go to Tools > ProShow Web App > Connect to Device.

5) While the “Connect to Remote App” window is open, run the ProShow Remote app on your device and attempt to connect.  It should now discover ProShow and allow you to connect after entering your access key.

For more information on using the ProShow Remote app, see this FAQ.