Burning DVD / Blu-ray discs from ProShow Gold and Producer

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ProShow Gold and Producer make burning your show to disc a breeze. With the built-in DVD and Blu-ray publishing options in ProShow you can create your show, and publish your show directly from the program without any additional software. For a general walk-through on publishing a DVD or Blu-ray in ProShow continue reading below.

Before we get started let’s look at the benefits of burning a DVD and Blu-ray so you can make sure you choose the best option for your needs.

DVD (Standard Definition)


  • Almost everyone has a DVD player
  • It looks decent on TV and PC
  • It’s easily portable
  • It’s cheap to make

Blu-ray (High Definition)

  • High resolution, better looking shows
  • It looks great on TV and PC
  • Designed to work on HDTV’s. No Stretching, zooming or distortion of video signal
  • The best way to see all the details in high megapixel images

Note: Blu-ray burner and Blu-ray media is required to publish to a Blu-ray disc in ProShow.

To Create a DVD or Blu-ray Disc

  1. Make sure your show is loaded and all  final changes are saved. Use keyboard shortcut: CTRL+S to save your show.Create_DVD-and-Blu-ray
  2. Click on the DVD or Blu-ray icon in the Toolbar to open your DVD or Blu-ray publishing window.
  3. Under the Menu tab, you can change the menu title, background and layout. Once you’ve made your menu adjustments, click on the Shows tab.
  4. Under the Shows tab, you can add additional shows to your disc, change the show title, show thumbnail and include an intro show that will play before the menu.
  5. Once you have configured your disc, click the Create button located on the bottom-right of the publishing window to start the publishing process.
  6. When the publishing process completes, ProShow will alert you in the program and your disc drawer will slide out with the burned disc ready to be played on your TV.

Note: DVD and Blu-ray publishing can take some time. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time for ProShow to create your disc.

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