Using Capture Frame in ProShow Producer

ProShow Producer

Learn how to use the capture frame feature and create your own still frame images. Simply choose the frame you want to grab, right click on the preview screen, and select “Capture Frame”.

This publishing option gives you the ability to capture a single frame in your show and save it as an individual image. Let’s take a look at the various ways to access Capture frame in ProShow:

Capturing Still Frames

  1. In the Publishing Formats pane, select Still Frame Capture from the list and either double-click or press the Create button.
  2. Configure your Capture Frame settings and click Ok.


  • In the Publishing Workspace Toolbar, click the Capture icon.


  • Right-click on the Workspace Preview and choose Capture Frame from the menu that appears.


  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + C



The Capture Frame window will appear. This is where you’ll find the options you can use to take still images of your show. Let’s take a look at each section:

  • The Frame to Capture pane allows you to choose how you’re going to capture the images. Choosing Current means that whatever you are seeing in the Workspace Preview pane is what will be captured. Clicking on Time will take a shot from you show every time that number of seconds passes, starting from the beginning. Choosing Slide will take one shot per slide, with the shot being taken at the middle of the slide time.


  • Output Format is where you choose the file format and resolution for the captured images. You can choose to create either JPG or PNG image, and set any resolution you prefer. Remember that a higher resolution than your slides themselves will make for lower quality images.


  • The Destination pane is where you choose to save a location for your new captured images and name the file. When you’re capturing more than one frame, you can keep your files organized by using the character #. This will add a number to the end of your chosen file name. For example, if you capture 3 frames and set your filename to ‘ScreenGrab #’, the files created will be named ‘ScreenGrab 1’, ‘ScreenGrab 2’ and ‘ScreenGrab 3’.

ProShow will begin making the captures once you click on Ok. The captures will be saved to the chosen folder and available immediately. Remember that if you choose to capture only the current frame, you’ll be asked to choose a file name and save location once you click on Ok.