New in ProShow Gold 4.52

ProShow Gold

ProShow Gold 4.52 was a maintenance release that addressed several issues in ProShow 4.5x. It was released in May 2011.

Please Note: ProShow 4.52 provides a number of fixes and adjustments. Many of these changes
may be available to users of older versions by updating the burning support (Help > Upgrade DVD/Blu-ray/CD Support) and updating the Device support (Create > YouTube, click on the green Upgrade bar).

  • Added new profiles to Device output option
  • Removed direct Vimeo upload option due to change in service (now focuses on creating Vimeo-ready file and saving to disk)
  • Fixed problem with optical drive detection on some systems which could prevent DVD, CD and Blu-ray burning from working properly.
  • Fixed rare installation failure affecting some systems
  • Fixed rare crash caused by Internet connections on some systems
  • Fixed crash affecting Presenter based output formats
  • Fixed crash when opening certain existing shows
  • Fixed crashes in video rendering
  • Fixed problem with MPEG4 based Flash output, now supports Flash 10.x.
  • Fixed problem with M4A audio files
  • Fixed problem where some valid audio files could fail to import
  • Fixed problem where Random Transition Effects could corrupt show
  • Fixed problem where Facebook output could fail
  • Fixed problem with YouTube tags
  • Fixed problem with Save Window Layout dialog
  • Fixed typos in help documentation
  • Fixed missing EULA in help documentation
  • Fixed reference to Legal Notices in help documentation
  • Fixed audio menu shortcut (Alt+A) in help documentation
  • Fixed in build 3053: Flashing issue in output with certain layer configurations