ProShow Music Library FAQ

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The built-in royalty-free music library in ProShow 7 offers a wide variety of music tracks and sound effects for your shows. The music library is available for all registered users of ProShow 7 and can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

Below you will find the general usage terms for the music library in ProShow 7 including acceptable and unacceptable uses of these tracks and any other common questions that may come up regarding how these tracks can be used in your shows created with ProShow.

Requirements to use the Built-in Music Library in ProShow

  • Requires an active internet connection
  • Requires a registered version of ProShow 7
  • Music library tracks are accessible only in ProShow 7

Acceptable Uses for Registered Users

  • You may use the music in slide shows and videos you create with this software
  • You may modify, alter, and edit the music using any of the audio tools provided in this software
  • You may use the music in slideshows and videos produced for both commercial and non-commercial purposes
  • You may use the music in slideshows and videos that you produce for sale
  • You may publish slideshows and videos you create that use this music online and on physical media (DVD, Blu-ray, etc.)

Unacceptable Uses

  • You may not use this music without a valid, current license for this version of the software
  • You may not publish or transmit shows or videos that use the music over broadcast, cable, or satellite television, radio, or motion picture films
  • You may not use this music with other software. The music may not be modified, altered, or edited using other software
  • You may not export the audio for use in other applications, or attempt to circumvent any protection applied to the music
  • You may not use this music in any production that may be considered pornographic, defamatory, libelous, obscene, fraudulent, or illegal
  • You may not resell the music in whole or part, re-record the music, or transfer or assign rights to the music
  • You may not distribute effects (slide styles / transitions) or templates that utilize this music
  • You may not use this music in a manner where the primary value is the music. For example, you may not produce ‘music videos’ that simply play the music with a simple title slide
  • You may not use the title of a music track as the title of the show it is contained in

The music provided in this library is royalty-free, which means you may use it as described above without any additional licensing fees. If you wish to use the tracks in any other way, you must contact the artists or publisher listed for the track to secure your own license.

Note on Online Services

Some online services, such as YouTube, allow copyright owners to ‘monetize’ music they own by controlling advertising on videos that use their music. You are licensed to use this music in slide shows you post online, but the copyright owner still has the right to control any advertising that may appear when your video is presented. This is unrelated to your license for this music, and is an arrangement between services such as YouTube and the actual copyright owners. Please be aware that the services such as YouTube may display advertisements when your video is presented.