Using the Download Effects and Content feature in ProShow

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New in ProShow 7 is the Download Effects and Content feature which provides users with a wide variety of free styles, transitions, menus, templates, wizard themes, creative kits, masks, backgrounds, and borders that can be easily downloaded + installed right from with in the program. This content is free to use by all ProShow users.


With the Download Effects + Content feature you can instantly download effects and content directly into ProShow 7 with the click of a button. You will always have the latest set of free effects as soon as they are released to the public.

In this article we will discuss the benefits of this new feature, how to access it, and how to use the content once downloaded + installed into ProShow.

Benefits of Using Download Effects + Content

  • Easily download the free effects and content without having to deal with unzipping files
  • Automatic installation of all the effects and content into ProShow
  • Quickly access all installed effects + content in ProShow and add to your shows

Downloading Effects + Content in ProShowMenubar_Tools_Download+Content

  1. In ProShow, click on Tools Download Effects and Content
  2. In the Download Effects + Content window, select the packages that you’d like to download.Download+Content_selected

   Note: You can select more than one at at time to save time.

  1. To install the selected effects + content , click the Install Selected button located on the bottom-right of this window.Download+Content_installbutton
  2. ProShow will download + install these effects and let you know when this process is complete.

Accessing Downloaded Effects in ProShowMenubar_Tools_ManageFX

  1. In ProShow, click on Tools Manage Effects
  2. In the Manage Effects window, choose either the Slide Styles or Transitions tabs.ManageEffects_themedcategory
  3. Select the Themed category in the navigation pane on the left to view the downloaded effects.
  4. To apply an effect to the selected slide, highlight the effect you’d like to apply, and click Apply toManageEffects_apply Slide on the bottom-right.

 Accessing Downloaded Content in ProShow

  1. In ProShow, double-click the Media Sources folder in the ProShow Folder List.
  2. Double-click the ProShow Producer – Built-In Content folder to expand your sub-folders.Folderlist_mediasources
  3. Single-click either the backgrounds, borders, masks, or overlays folder to view the content in each folder in the ProShow File List.
  4. To add content to your show, double-click the individual thumbnail(s) in the File List. This content will add as a new slide in your show.
  5. To add to an existing slide, click and drag your content over the existing slide while holding CTRL on your keyboard.

Check out the video below to learn how to Download FX + Content in ProShow 7