Audio / Video is out of sync when imported into ProShow

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Quickly fix audio / video syncing issues using the Audio Offset feature found under the built-in Video Clip Settings in ProShow 7. 

Most videos should work fine when imported into ProShow. However, from time to time the audio with in a video may become out of sync. This is typically a result of video encoding errors or compatibility issues that present themselves as a video file is handled by various combinations of hardware and software. If you see this in your video clips, you can compensate for sync issues using the Audio Offset option in ProShow 7.


In this article we will show how to access the Audio offset feature and how to correct your audio / video syncing issues in ProShow.

Accessing and Using Audio Offsetlayers_list

  1. In ProShow, double-click the slide containing the video that is out of sync.
  2. Select the video layer from the Layers list in the navigation pane on the left of the Slide Options window.
  3. Click on the Layers Settings tab near the top and locate the Video Clip Settings section on the
  4. Now locate the Audio Offset value box and click in inside this box to reveal the slider to adjust the offset value.


  • Using a negative number will tell ProShow to play the video’s sound earlier in the slide.
  • Using a positive number tells ProShow to play the video’s out later in the slide.
  • You can adjust the time in 1/10th of a second increments from negative (-)10 seconds to positive (+)10 seconds


How to Offset an Audio Track from Photodex on Vimeo