Photodex Upgrade Policy

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Photodex Corporation provides a simple upgrade policy for all of its software products. This policy has remained the same for over a decade.

All Photodex software products include one year of free updates from the date of purchase. During this year, you receive any updates the purchased software at no charge.

When Your Free Upgrade Period Expires

After your year of free upgrades runs out, you can continue using the software you’ve purchased. It does not expire. You will continue to receive support as long as you use the product.

If an update comes out that you’d like to get, you can purchase the upgrade at any time, but you’re under no obligation to do so. Unlike subscription plans, there’s no annual fee. You decide when you want to upgrade, and when you want to purchase upgrades.

How to Get Your Free Upgrades

Getting a free upgrade is as easy as downloading software. Just download the new version from our downloads section and install it. You don’t need to contact us, and you don’t need a new registration key. You can get the upgrade as soon as it is posted on our website.

How to Check if an Upgrade is Free

If you’re not sure whether a new version is covered by your free upgrade period, the easiest way to check is to download the new version.
When you start the installer for an update, it will check your upgrade period and let you know if the update is free, or requires a paid upgrade. You don’t even have to complete the installation. Just start the installer, and watch the screen.

Upgrade Options

When your year of free upgrades runs out, you can purchase an upgrade to a new version, but you’re under no obligation to do so. You can also upgrade to a higher product edition (if available) at any time.

  • Upgrade to the Latest Version –┬áIf the latest release is outside of your year of free upgrades, you can purchase an upgrade registration at a reduced price.
  • Upgrade to a Different Product – At any time, you can upgrade your Photodex software to a higher-end version if available. For example, if you own ProShow Gold and decide you’d like to move up to ProShow Producer, you can make that purchase as an upgrade. Upgrading to a higher version gets you a discount on the new product.

Purchasing Upgrades

Upgrades can be purchased online, or by phone. To purchase by phone, call 1-800-37-PHOTO to speak with a Customer Service representative.